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American Saddlebred Horse Museum

Mexico, Missouri was once noted as the "Saddlebred Horse Capital of the World". The American Saddlebred Horse Museum was established in 1970 to complement Graceland. It is the oldest Saddlebred Horse Museum in the nation. Exhibits include an extensive range of equestrian memorabilia.

Featured in the museum are Tom Bass (famous black horseman), George Ford Morris, Art Simmons (local trainer) and Callaway Hills stallion, Will Shriver. The invincible Saddlebred Stallion, Rex McDonald 833, is buried on the grounds.

Also located on the grounds, are the Green Stables. They were built in the 1950s by the late Robert S. Green, the first President of the Audrain County Historical Society, 1953-1963. They were moved from their original location on the Green Estates as a gift from the Harbison-Walker Company, the successor to the A.P. Green Company. With three stalls and a tack room, they are typical of family stables of the era seen in suburban St. Louis, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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