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Audrain Country School


The Country School was constructed in 1903 and is furnished with a slate blackboard, original desks, books, and many other items that transport visitors to an earlier era in education.

One-Room School House Curriculum

Mexico Retired Teacher Association has created a curriculum that would have been used in the "one-room schoolhouse" days. The school is free to use for all Audrain county classes and available by appointment. (Arrangements may be made by other county schools with the director.) The curriculum is available to use with the school and available online for free.

Audrain Country Church

The Country Church, originally Prairie View Church, was completed in 1889 by a hearty group of Christians. Lumber and stone were delivered to the site by wagon. The Church is one of the "Akron Plan" churches developed in the early 1840s. This style emphasized family worship as noted by the single front entrance. A unique feature of the Church is the theatre seats rather than the more traditional pews. The last Prairie View service was held in the 1970s.

The Church was dismantled, each piece was numbered and the Church was moved to the grounds of the Audrain County Historical Society in 1998. Reconstruction included laying the original wood flooring and ceiling.

The altar, pulpit, pulpit chairs, and pew are from the Littleby Methodist Church in north Audrain County and the First Christian Church of Mexico.

The Warm Morning stove was the invention of Sam Locke, who formerly resided in the Ross House, the Society's headquarters.

The organ cabinet, gift of the Missouri Military Academy, was formerly at St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Mexico.

In addition to being open to the public, the church may be reserved for weddings and other family and community events.

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