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Graceland Museum

The Graceland Museum was built by John P. Clark, a native Virginian, as a reminder of the more genteel society he once knew "back home." The mansion was host to Col. Ulysses S. Grant during the early days of the Civil War.


Nine of its rooms contain displays that permit visitors to experience the Victorian elegance of the past as well as the rich history of Audrain County. 


The Graceland Museum also houses the Cauthorn-Stribling Library, sponsored by Col. Charles R. Stribling III and his sister, Mrs. Robert J. Koster, as means to honor their ancestors: member of the Cauthorn and Stribling families. The room is furnished as a library of an 1870-1900 period home. It is considered to be a working library for research and learning.


For a list of current library volumes and museum collections, please click 

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